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Eggs & Omelets
Please Order By Number
All eggs served with your choice of home fries or grits, toast or bagel.
Egg Beaters or Egg Whites - $1.00 Extra
Gluten Free Bread Available-$1.00 Extra

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

1. Two Eggs, Home Fries $5.89 each

2. Two Eggs, Home Fries, Bacon Or Sausage $6.99 each

3. Three Eggs, Home Fries, Bacon Or Sausage $7.59 each

4. Greek Omelet $9.99 each
Feta cheese, tomato and fresh spinach.

5. The Triboro $9.99 each
Sauteed spinach and mushrooms with Swiss.

6. Western Omelet $9.99 each

7. Corned Beef Or Pastrami Omelet $10.49 each

8. Salami & Eggs $10.49 each

9. Three Cheese Omelet $9.99 each

10. Lox, Eggs & Onions $11.99 each

11. Deli Special Omelet $10.49 each
Corned beef, pastrami, American and Swiss cheese.

12. Vegetarian Omelet $9.99 each
Sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, bell pepper, diced tomato and shredded cabbage.
Add Cheese - $1.00 Extra